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American Civil War Ancestor


About Us

We began our interest in the American Civil War back in 1980 when Co-founder Bruce D. Frail was in the United States Marine Corps & living in North Carolina. He began to study the ACW and sites in the area. This study continued thru his enlistment, his years in college, and life after college to present. His son Benjamin J. Frail who was born in 1988 also grew to study history with an interest in the ACW. Benjamin & Bruce joined the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War in 2003, we formed this research group in 2005 in an effort to help friends and family to research their genealogy.

In 2009, we enter our services into the world-wide-web arena. Offering to the world our 19th Century Research with a 21st Century delivery method. By using the internet we are able to get our research to anyone in the world within seconds after it has been cataloged and recorded. This can save researchers hundreds if not thousands of dollars not to mention untold hours of their lives. Those hours can now be used to advance your study or spend with loved ones.


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