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Pension Records, Union Only, U.S.A.

$50.00 $60.00

    These are Union Veteran's, Invalid, Widow, Mother, Father, or Minor Pension records that are in the care of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington DC. We charge $50.00 per veteran's pension, for up to the first 250 pages, we than charge $0.25 per page thereafter. (NARA charges $80.00 for the first 100 pages than adds $0.70 per page, example; a 215 page pension record would cost $160.50 thru NARA. [100 pages @ $80.00 plus 115 pages @ $0.70 per page equals $80.50 which totals $160.50 for the pension]  Your cost  thru us would be $50.00 for the complete pension).

    Records we have copied are from 12 to 1214 pages, they average 165 pages. These records may or may not include; medical records, marriage documents and records, naratives of military life and civiian life, death records, pension increase forms, application forms, etc. USA shipping included.

    The $50.00 will be charged prior to the work being listed, the additional pages must be paid for prior to shipping, otherwise only the first 250 pages will be shipped and the others will be listed as a separate pension thereafter.

List the name, company, regiment, and birth/death dates if known.

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