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American Civil War Ancestor


                                              Dropbox Directions

On this page we will show you step by step instructions on how to download,save and unzip your dropbox records.


Step #1

Left Click on the link provided

In the photo below the link is "Our Delivery System & Sample Photographs" In the email you will receive from us when your records are complete, the link will look something like this "https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fazkf92p32tdcb7/AADCGgYxRWKy-XfGwPAlt4y-a?dl=0"




 Step #2

Now, look for the little box with 3 dots inside of it. Upper right of the page, between the Share button and the small bell.

Left Click the box with the dots

While you can view your records at this point, you will not be able to edit or print them.


Step #3

 Left Click, Download as zip from the drop down menu


Step #4

Select "Save File" and click "OK"


Step #5

Pick a location in your computer to download the files, we suggest "My Documents" or "Desktop", then Click "Save" 



Step #6

We saved ours in "My Documents/ACW Ancestor", locate where you saved yours too, then Double Left Click on the file folder with the zipper.



Step #7

Locate "Folder Tasks" on the left side of the page, in the upper blue field, Left Click "Extract all files"



Step #8

Your "Extraction Wizard" should start, click "Next", each version of Windows may be a little different, Apple has a like extractor.



Step #9

Select a Destination for the files to go once unzipped, we recommend you send them to where they are and just Click "Next" If a box pops up asking if you wish to overwrite existing files, click "Yes to All"



Step #10

Next you should see "Extraction Complete", Click "Finish" and a window will open that brings you to your files, Enjoy!

Two Examples of unzipped documents follow, same document, just enlarged.



 The below screen shots were taken from a 22" monitor, as you can see there is no distortion in the image.















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