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Welcome to our Memory Marker division.

This section will introduce you to our cemetery and grave marker division.

In our business we are asked very often "where can I purchase a grave marker for my relatives grave?" Depending on the type of grave marker or flag holder that these customers required, depended on where we would send them. The prices that were being charged would range from $45.00 for a plastic veterans disc on a flimsy metal stick, to several hundred dollars for customized metal markers/flag holders.

Than we started to hear that the companies would charge more than what they stated on their website, take forever to ship or not deliver at all. Once we learned this we stopped referring our customers to these companies and started to think about what we could do. We had tried to contact one of these companies, mostly because we had purchased over one hundred markers from them in the past in groups of 10 or more at a time. They didn't wish to help, so we didn't wish to purchase from them anymore.

We decided to create our own design, as we started thinking about what we required for grave markers/flag holders we ended up designing several different types of markers. Our veteran markers are called Gold Star Cemetery Markers, Gold Star Grave Markers/Flag Holders and Military Service Grave Markers/Flag Holders. We also designed a non-veteran series of our markers called Memory Markers, these come in Grave Memory Markers, Garden Memory Markers and Wall Memory Markers. While our Memory Marker series is designed without the flag holder section, it can be ordered with a flag holder.

Take a look at the different styles of Memory Markers and Gold Star Markers

All of our Memory Markers and Gold Star Markers are made in the United States of America by veterans of the United States.

Gold Star Cemetery Markers

Gold Star Grave Markers

Military Service Grave Markers

Visit Major Sullivan Ballou Camp #3's Gold Star Cemetery Marker Program

Gold Star & Military Service Marker Pricing

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