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American Civil War Ancestor


                                     Photography, Storage & Delivery Specifications

Digital Photography

We photograph all records that are found, every page that has any mark or date on it will be photographed. Each digital photograph is delivered in JPEG Format and has a 4:3 ratio at 16M fine Macro, which equals 4608 X 3456 dpi, minimum. This equals a storage need of 4 - 7 MB per digital photograph. All of our equipment uses low-light metering and enhancement as well as state of the art stabilization correction computer technology for advanced photo and record quality.

We also offer digital photography in RAW format, as compared to the above RAW images are the best available. They hold true as every dpi is recorded and there is no long term loss to the image, whereas there is a very small loss to all other types of digital format recording. The storage need for each RAW digital photograph is 24MB - 28MB, plan your storage needs if considering ordering in RAW format, there is an additional cost to RAW formatted images. ($5.00 per up to 500 images and so on, example: A order of a 200 page Pension would cost an additional $5.00 to be digitized, a regimental book order of 1200 pages would cost an additional $15.00).

Storage & Delivery

We now deliver using Dropbox!

Dropbox is a cloud based storage area that is used to upload your records to a location on the internet. We will email you a link that you can click on and download your records, you may download as often as you wish or share with anyone you so desire, this link will stay up for a two week period once you are emailed. If you were unable to download the records within that two week period, let us know and we will send a new link for another two week period, delivery via Dropbox is part of your package price and has no additional charge.

 After the above time frame we will archive your records and if you should loss your records or wish to share with someone else, we will re-post and link these records for no charge for up to one year, thereafter there will be a cost of $10.00 per record, per veteran, prepaid via PayPal, for an additional one month period.

If you should wish a CD/DVD, please read below:

Depending on the size of the file would determine the type of storage media your files would be delivered on. Our digital photographs are between 2MB and 10MB in size, each. A single CD will hold up to 700MB and a single DVD will hold up to 4.7GB. Any record that is over the size of a single CD will be placed on a DVD or DVDs.

These CD/DVDs will be mailed in a size "0" bubble mailer (6" X 9") and will include a tracking number. All shipping and handling costs for CD/DVDs are $5.95 for the first CD/DVD and $2.00 for each additional CD/DVD in the same mailer, within the continental United States . If you require Priority or Express Mail, this is possible at the following additional pricing. Priority, add $5.00. Express, add $20.00. For international shipping, please contact us for a price quote. 


Try Dropbox now and see some samples of our work, Click here, its free.

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